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Sign-up and create a broadcasting email profile for yourself. Mail the same personalized email message to a list of your friends, family, customers, employees or colleagues. All the while not violate any SPAM sensibilities. THIS IS NOT AN OPPORTUNITY TO SEND SPAM Anti Spam Icon . If you are intent on sending out unsolicited advertisements for mini cars, mortgages, prescription drugs or such, then move right along and pass us by. This is NOT a site for SPAMMERS.

RedCheckMark Send the same email message to upto 2000 recipients.
RedCheckMark Each outbound email message is personalized with the recipient's name.
RedCheckMark Send individualized and personalized email to both primary as well as to courtesy copied recipients.
RedCheckMark Messages can be in Text or HTML (web page look and feel) format.
RedCheckMark Choose from list of stored or user designed templates for HTML formatted emails.
RedCheckMark Create and send email using an unlimited number of return email address identities.
RedCheckMark All outbound email messages are sent using validated return email addresses Anti Spam Icon
RedCheckMark All outbound email messages can have a unique profile signature block.
RedCheckMark JustZMail attaches your name and phone number to each outbound email message. Anti Spam Icon
RedCheckMark Send email messages to long lists of friends and associates with the click of a button.
RedCheckMark Email does not violate ANTI-SPAM sentiments and laws. Anti Spam Icon
RedCheckMark Complaints against users for sending Spam will be investigated. Spammers will be ejected. Anti Spam Icon
RedCheckMark Send large file attachments along with each email message.
RedCheckMark And, WOW!! We have a beginners FREE Trial option. Send out 200 emails at no charge.
RedCheckMark More, More, More ...

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